Brendan Berkley

Yinzerest (Ruby on Rails learning project)

Done in 2013

Wanted to dabble in Rails and wanted to try a class on Skillshare, so “Build the Next Pinterest: One Month Rails” was a great thing to try for me.

The result was what you see, which can be linked to here. Note that this is a free Heroku deployment, so it takes about ten seconds to spin up before it’ll load if it hasn’t been accessed in awhile.

I stayed pretty close to the tutorials so there’s nothing really groundbreaking here, but I had a good time and learned a lot. Rails is neat, and along the way I was introduced to Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery Masonry, ImageMagick, Heroku, Subtle Patterns, command line techniques, and more.

Yinzerest will probably never develop beyond what it is now.