Brendan Berkley

Producer Packets

Done for USG* in 2012 and 2013

In 2012, we restructured the company with the idea that USG is first and foremost a sales organization. Incentives were put in place to encourage and reward our top producers, and as a part of the rollout, I got to work on the packets that were sent out to all of our producer/brokers to inform them of the changes and reward those who had achieved certain production levels.

The project was a blast, and it covered just about everything that I like to do. We designed the seals first, a logo-esque type of job. Then we designed the look and feel for the packets, trying to convey luxury. Then all of the other pieces started to come together, and they required a bunch of different skills:

  • The e-mail signatures are generated as a Word XML file by a C# script I wrote and ran on localhost. I feed it a USG user ID, it gives me a signature for a majority of the producer/brokers.
  • The marketing kit order form (not a new project but was included in the packet) is a PDF that calculates price based on quantity.
  • The business cards and name tags are generated with an InDesign script that pulls from my master employee XML file.
  • The certificates were a mostly original design, the exception being the border which I found online somewhere and adapted. The background was from another project where I emulated US currency engravings, and the layout was worked out with Kristen’s direction.

A few notes on USG/innovations projects
To see a more exhaustive portfolio of innovations' work, check out their site.

Two vital truths about my work at USG: I wasn’t the boss, and I didn’t work alone. Therefore, I would never presume to take all the credit for the work I did there. Sometimes a spark of an idea from one of my co-workers or one little change from my boss could make the whole thing fall into place! However, while these aren’t “Brendan Berkley originals,” I'm not posting up stuff that I had little to do with. These tend to be projects that I felt more invested in or proud of than others.