Brendan Berkley

Matt and Amber's Wedding

Done as freelance in 2011

One of the best men at my wedding requested my services for his. Matt’s a really professional guy, so this project felt pretty legit; he gave me a brief and deadlines and checked up on me and had a nice level of involvement in the process.

Colors, orange theme…that was all Amber and him. I’m all about Sudtipos so I led them to pick one of their fonts. They landed on Ministry Script, which was a joy to work with. I was inspired by damask patterns that I’d been seeing a lot of at the time, and I was eager to try and take some of the illustration work I’d done with my wedding a year prior and do something a little more intricate.

Beyond that, it was mostly just about placing type as well as I could. Matt had a really good vision for what he wanted; my main role was simply to make it happen.