Brendan Berkley

Madelyn and Brendan's Wedding

Done in 2010

I was really excited to do the graphics for my wedding!

Madelyn’s middle name is Rose, so the theme and colors were a no-brainer for her. I believe I discovered Estilo Script via a MyFonts newsletter. I was really excited to buy a font, especially one that was so unique and stylish.

The connecting of the names was done for obvious reasons. I used the two-rose mark to represent us (I’m a lot taller than her, hence the size difference). Everything was drawn. The paper and envelopes were ordered from French Paper, and things were printed either at work or at Kinko’s.

As a nice bonus to the whole project, this has sort of turned into a brand for our relationship. When I make cards and other things for Madelyn, I’ll use Estilo Script and the two-rose mark and the same red. It’s a nice way for a design nerd to express his love :)