Brendan Berkley

USG Holiday Party 2012

Done for USG* in 2012

USG had a great 2012, so it deserved a proper celebration! We had a great time at PNC Park.

What started as a basic Punchbowl invite ended up becoming a lot of different things: signage, name tags, food cards, and the pièce de résistance: The recipe book.

We needed a favor on a budget, so someone had the idea to put together a recipe book. We collected recipes from employees, assigned some recipes to those who didn’t provide, and put it all together.

It was my first project where I felt like a project manager! So, naturally it could have gone better. I anticipated the amount of work it would take to make one, but I grossly underestimated the time it’d take to make 75! I had two great interns working with me, and even though we ended up being an hour late to the party, we made it there in time for just about everyone to take one before they left.

This was a really rewarding project. As I’ve said, I love to make things, so it was neat to have a physical project with some heft to deliver, since most of my work at USG is either digital or no thicker than a booklet.

A few notes on USG/innovations projects
To see a more exhaustive portfolio of innovations' work, check out their site.

Two vital truths about my work at USG: I wasn’t the boss, and I didn’t work alone. Therefore, I would never presume to take all the credit for the work I did there. Sometimes a spark of an idea from one of my co-workers or one little change from my boss could make the whole thing fall into place! However, while these aren’t “Brendan Berkley originals,” I'm not posting up stuff that I had little to do with. These tend to be projects that I felt more invested in or proud of than others.