Brendan Berkley

Field Hockey Club

Done as freelance in 2010

My wife is a field hockey coach, and even though I grew up playing and watching ice hockey (or, as I like to say, “real hockey”), I have married into her sport!

So, naturally, a few design jobs have come out the deal. This one was to design an identity for the Field Hockey Club of Northern Allegheny, a club team that, among other things, fielded a few indoor hockey teams (under the name “Team Pittsburgh”), hosted a qualifier tournament, and ran clinics.

While the logo might feel obvious with the sticks, it ended up looking very ‘Pittsburgh’ and very different than your run-of-the-mill field hockey logo, which usually involved swooshes and/or a girl hitting a ball.

From this initial identity design, things like t-shirts, brochures, and a website were made.